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Fieldwork Management and Monitoring System (FMMS)

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FMMS - App
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Fieldwork Management and Monitoring System (FMMS)

A key challenge facing social surveys, especially those operating cross-nationally, is to monitor and manage fieldwork effectively. Building on work started under the FP7 DASISH project (GA 283846), a new electronic fieldwork management and monitoring system (FMMS) for the European Social Survey has been developed under SERISS. The FMMS consists of two components: a mobile app to be used by interviewers in the field to manage their caseloads and complete contact records on the doorstep and a centralised case management system (CCMS) to manage the exchange of data between the survey agency and interviewers and maintain a central database which can be used to produce standardised progress reports for monitoring purposes.

Development work is ongoing, prior to a planned field test as part of preparations for ESS Round 9 (2018/19). The current FMMS prototype can be explored below.

FMMS - App

The FMMS app is designed to be used on a handheld mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. ESS interviewers can use the app on the doorstep to manage their caseloads, to record contact attempts and interviewer observations, to perform respondent selection if required, and to transmit all information back to the survey agency in a timely manner.

Open the online version of the App. Use Chrome or Safari browser.

Test log in details for the prototype app are provided in the user manual.

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The FMMS App for Apple IOS is not supported on this showcase page. When the App is rolled out for fieldwork an IOS version will be available to download from the App store .


All data transmitted to and from the FMMS app is stored within a secure Centralised Case Management System (CCMS) accessible online. Survey agencies will import the ESS sample into the CCMS, allocate cases to interviewers and then use the CCMS to monitor progress of individual cases and interviewers throughout fieldwork.

Standardised fieldwork monitoring information will be accessible via the CCMS to survey agencies, the National Coordinator (NC) responsible for overseeing the implementation of the ESS in each country, and members of the ESS Core Scientific Team.

Explore the FMMS_CCMS

Test log in details to access the prototype CCCMS are provided in the user manual.

Dummy sample data has been pre-loaded into the CCMS. Find out more.

Contact data can be exported from the FMMS (Codebook).

Deliverables & Documents

Read more about the FMMS including the tool’s technical specification, details of software testing carried out to date, and findings from a scoping study to assess the feasibility of implementing the FMMS cross-nationally.
D4.7 Report on the feasibility of cross-national implementation
D4.8 Feedback from researcher-led beta testing
D4.9 Feedback from interviewer testing
SERISS FMMS_Technical documentation

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